Excellent reflection. I especially loved the Robert Brault quote: "So often when the obstacles in your path can’t be overcome, it’s not your path.". I have been fortunate to have survived those "not your path" adventures nearly too many times.

Thanks for helping me to refocus my energies each week.

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And of course the idea of being lost and needing to find one's true self is the beginning of

Dante's Commedia. Dante was fortunate to have Beatrice & then Vergil to guide him to the

truth path. The nature of having such a mentor cannot be understated. Knowing Mardy< I

believe, would be helpful to oh so many persons.

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once again, some wonderful insights to read.

the quote probably most personal to me is:

In a dark time, the eye begins to see. — Theodore Roethke

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This is another excellent choice of topics. My partner is going through some stuff and I I think this will be a help! And it will certainly help me!

Thank you!!!!

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Irving Berlin's lyric in Call Me Madam: ....I heard a voice "there you go -there you go" -- I got lost in his arms but look what I've found."

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