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I have a niece and a nephew (my wife's brother's children) with whom we are very close - closer than with my own children, unfortunately. My niece is an artist. She has a passion for her art, and we have been the beneficiaries of some of her modest sketches as she explains what she is working on. She is truly gifted. My nephew is a videographer, and he has made several movies and short subjects in addition to his regular work. He, too, is passionate about his art.

I write this message as I was thinking of them both as I read this weeks' Newsletter. I am also sending them links to it with the suggestion that they consider subscribing.

Dr. Mardy, sometimes you hit the nail on the head so directly, I can feel it going in (that's my head it is sitting on). I just love this new format. I know it is a lot of work, but please do not stop.

Best wishes for continued success.

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